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Mind mapping is designed to make use of your brain’s natural thinking patterns. Allowing you to think freely, capture thoughts, and generate ideas in a structured way your brain loves.

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From problem-solving to exam preparation, mind maps can enhance whatever you’re turning your hand to. It’s no surprise then that mind mapping techniques have changed the course of history, and will continue to shape our future!


Why did we build this community?

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Our mission: Create a space to encourage creativity globally

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Creativity by design – we are aiming to provide the knowledge and tools for people to use their brains as designed, in harmony with the best thinking techniques and technologies. As a community, we are striving to develop a safe space for people to learn and share.

Who built this community?

Do you hold a passion for mind maps, technology and innovation? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as so too does Chris Griffiths, creator of the mind-map.com community.

World-leading mind mapping expert Chris Griffiths founded this community to continue helping thousands globally to unlock their creativity. From NASA to the University of Oxford, teams and individuals all across the world benefit from his incredible training.

Chris Griffiths

Innovation is not an event, it is a process

Chris Griffiths

Chris founded Ayoa, the mind mapping software, used by millions globally to improve productivity, and is an integral part of our innovation and training courses.

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