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Everyone wants to be in the know, especially when it comes to mind maps – it’s in their very nature to generate creative, new innovations!

But don’t worry, there will be no FOMO here. At mind-map.com we have the Future of Mind Mapping (FoMM) all laid out for you. Read on to discover how mind maps are getting even better with age.

The Great Debate:
Hand drawn vs. technology

Hand drawn vs technology image

For centuries, mind mapping principles have been executed by hand to deliver breakthrough moments of genius. In that time, no obstacle has stood in the way of ideas being captured directly onto paper. Now technology is here, and here to stay.

How can we make sure that technology lends a helping hand?

Natural curiosity

Mind maps are for the creatives. They wish for their ideas to sprawl like branches found in nature, breaking new ground. Easy enough to create when wielding a pen on paper, but what about digitally?

Gone are the days of clunky pixels. With organic maps on the scene, mind maps of unimaginable beauty can be made in lightning quick time.

App curiousity

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask a creative person how they did something, they may feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious…

Steve Jobs, Co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc

Unlimited creativity

Always getting canvas cramp (running out of space on your A4 sheet)? Fearing another creativity countdown (seeing your pen run out of ink at that vital moment again)? Put down your old tools and embrace the reliable benefits of modern technology.

Modern technology mind mapping

Just like how your ideas evolve and grow over time, so do digital mind maps:

  • No limits on space
  • Instant access across all devices
  • Make endless edits
Creativity with mind maps

Collaboration: with dot-to-dot comes creativity

Despite how amazing your brain is, it can only have one thing ‘front of mind’ at a time. With mind maps though, multitudes of information can be seen at once, allowing dots to be connected.

Imagine if you had access to more dots? In a world of real-time collaboration, what’s stopping you? Mind mapping is no longer a solo pursuit. Welcome other great minds and ideas into the mix to catapult yourself into collaborative creatively!

Diversity of thought

Mind mapping is a resource for everyone, animating untapped areas of the brain.

The visualisation of mind mapping allows for a projection of diverse thinking, usually exiled by orthodox, linear working patterns. A method that accesses all areas of the brain is not only a creativity catalyst but a neuro-inclusive nirvana too.

Neuro-inclusive mind mapping

Discover how inclusive mind mapping apps move beyond their visual foundation to further neurodiversity and support everyone in acheiving their goals.

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Background colors

Easily change background colors for easy reading

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Maximize creativity

Never let creative and spontaneous ideas distract or go to waste with the idea bank

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Neurodiversity-friendly font

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Artificial Intelligence: predictable or a creativity catalyst?

Creativity is an innately human quality. Our problem-solving skills have been integral for all of our progression. However, it can be quite a draining process leading to your mind sometimes going blank.

What if those moments of mental blocks could be quickly overcome with a little nudge from AI? Placing AI into the creativity-inducing format of mind maps is a mind-blowing combination, guaranteed to spark new ideas. Witness it for yourself!

Mind Map with a purpose

Mind map with purpose

How do you harness innovative ideas for good? It’s a challenge many creative minds face. Revelling in endless possibilities can be a heady experience which leads to visionary mind maps but no end product!

Don’t let your mind maps be in vain. By integrating productivity software directly into your mind maps, idea generation can be more than just visually captured. It can be committed to, have deadlines set, be assigned . . . be progressed all the way to completion!

Looking to do it all? Get started with Ayoa, the world’s greatest mind mapping app.

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