The History of Mind Mapping

From its formation, mind mapping has been a pursuit to enhance human thinking whether it be for the purpose of creativity, recall, knowledge sharing, or anything in between.

History of Mind Mapping

Created by Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan invented the mind map in the late 60s. Frustrated with conventional revision methods, Buzan employed imagery, color, keywords, hierarchy and memory techniques into a single diagram that drastically improved his retention.

Now, millions of people of all ages have used this technique to study better and generate more creative ideas and solutions.

Created by Tony Buzan


What is a mind map?

What is a mind map?

Often called “the swiss army knife of the brain,” mind mapping is a powerful process that focuses thought and amplifies our mind’s effectiveness.

Curvilinear branches emanate from a central topic and explore key themes, threads and possibilities. Color and imagery are used throughout to emphasise what’s important, and connections are drawn between related ideas.

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Limitless creativity

As humans, we instinctively think in images and associations. The mind map’s versatile nature means that we can uncover limitless ideas, thoughts, and connections and apply this helpful tool to any thinking task.

Mind maps no limits

Timeline mind map

The visual working technique’s facilitation of breakthroughs can’t be under-estimated.

In the timeline below, discover mind mapping’s contribution to some of history’s greatest moments, the mind map’s own history, and how OpenGenius are continuing to thrust mind maps to the forefront of human innovation.

Timeline Mind Map
What comes next

What comes next..?

Technology is a great enabler but it often forgets that 70-90% of information received by the brain is through visual channels.

Here’s to future solutions working with established innovation techniques to unlock the brain’s true potential.


What's next - Ayoa

Generate, share, develop and collaboratively transform ideas into action in the visual workspace inspired by mind maps.

What's next - Ayoa

Delivering training, coaching and workshops around the world to instil creative mindsets which inspire continuous innovation.

What's next - Ayoa

Powered by the largest deep learning network ever created, inspiration, knowledge and more from 10% of the internet is presented in mind maps to augment creativity.

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Mind maps are for the creatives. They wish for their ideas to sprawl like branches found in nature, breaking new ground. Easy enough to create when wielding a pen on paper, but what about digitally?

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