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April 1, 2022

How can I improve my study skills with mind mapping?

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Ayoa | How can I improve my study skills with mind mapping?
All practices followed by human beings keep changing perpetually, and with the added push of technology, things are only bound to change faster. This has also been proven in the education industry. Educational institutions have come a long way from using blackboards and whiteboards, to now using digital interfaces to teach, and the pandemic has been a huge catalyst for this change. Then why not change the way we learn and remember things as well?

Mind mapping, especially digital mind mapping, has been gaining publicity across the world. It has been proven to be a great way to make notes in order to improve students’ memory and prioritise information. In this article, find out how it can improve your overall study skills quickly and easily.

What is traditional note making?

Traditionally, the note making process involves writing down numerous paragraphs which are full of plain text about any topic. This is known as a linear or list style of making notes. It can seem like a dull idea and might not be agreeable to learn or revise from.

Why are linear notes bad?

The main reason why linear notes don’t sound much agreeable is because they lack creativity and excitement that the human brain requires to remember something for a long time. Making notes in list form force you to isolate pieces of information and don’t allow you to make connections between your ideas. You might find the monochrome texts boring and avoid reviewing your notes.

What is mind mapping?

A mind map is a visual map of your ideas, laid out in a radial format around a central thought. To use mind mapping for study, simply take the central subject and then organise your notes around this point. It involves using many visually pleasing and colourful features that will help you learn anything more effectively.

Mind maps improve your study skills

Various templates in mind mapping can help you improve your study skills.

What are the benefits of mind mapping while studying?

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