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World leading training on practical applications of mind mapping

Successfully harness the sure-fire method for unlocking creative potential by learning the secrets to mastering mind maps.

With the guidance of international mind mapping authority and best-selling author, Chris Griffiths, follow in the footsteps of the likes of NASA, Disney, Nobel laureates and more.

Chris Griffiths

Innovation is not an event, it is a process

Chris Griffiths
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  • Explore the theory behind our thinking
  • Discover and deploy the versatility of mind maps
  • Unpack the core elements of problems with clarity
  • Brainstorm with momentum building creativity techniques
  • Analytically distinguish your strongest ideas
  • Implement impactful plans to realise innovation

Draw more, achieve more

Mind maps are more than a drawn art form. When technique is honed, methodology mastered and application targeted, mind maps enable you to draw on the hidden creative powers of your brain.

Achieve more with mind map training
Mind Map with a purpose

Powered by Ayoa

Ayoa is an inclusive all-in-one mind mapping, whiteboard and collaboration app designed to embrace differences, elevate creativity, and drive results.

With the World Economic Forum categorising half of their top 10 skills of the future under creative problem-solving, and automations replacing many rote functions, the enabling value of mind maps cannot be under-estimated.

Ayoa’s vision and values


A look to the future

Whilst mind mapping might be an established thinking technique, their principle of accessibility thanks to their visual nature is rightly receiving a renaissance as part of growing support for diversity and inclusion.

Particularly beneficial for people with neurological differences, and a great way to make everyone feel empowered to develop and share their ideas, mind maps also supercharge creativity by being a medium to deliver diverse perspectives.

The future of training


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Applied Innovation skills

The methods behind mind mapping are as diverse and in demand as mind maps are versatile. Fundamental to the creation of mind maps, they inspire and focus the brain to reach new heights.

Develop the dynamics skills which produce powerful mind maps and apply them to the canvas and beyond!

  • Systemising creativity Systemizing creativity
  • Problem solving Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking Critical thinking
  • Cognitive flexibility Cognitive flexibility
  • Mind Mapping Mind Mapping



In person creativity coourses

Creativity is back

Has working remotely and using video conferencing constrained your creativity in the past couple of years? Don’t know how to let out the creative potential you’ve been bottling up?

The opportunity for you to re-introduce creativity into your life is finally here! Lead the way in bringing creativity back into the real world by joining our specialists for the Certified Mind Map Innovation Expert Course in person in Cardiff!

Effectively harness your creativity along with others in the same room and book your place now. You can also get an early bird discount if you book right away!


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In person – 3 Days
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Perfect mind map coach

Find the perfect coach for you

Everyone has their own objectives and ways of working. They probably mind map in their own way too.

Whilst visually capturing thoughts is a personal exercise, guidance on how to harness them for optimum results is something the introduction of a certified mind mapping coach can deliver for you.

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“I feel I can apply this immediately and it will have an impact.”

Robert Fischer, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, USA
Robert Fischer