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February 16, 2022

Welcome to the world of mind mapping

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Ayoa | Welcome to the world of mind mapping
Mind maps and homes aren’t a natural pairing. After all, mind maps extract thoughts from the minds of their creators, out onto open canvases; they’re fuelled by restless creativity which branches outwardly; they cross every border, favouring imagery over language; they’re for adventurous minds.

So why put a roof over the world of mind mapping? Because contrary to popular belief, that is exactly what mind maps want …

Intertwined into their expansive creativity, closely lies another fundamental of mind maps. Connections. Instead of ideas, facts, concepts etc. being scattered across endless documents, mind maps purposefully bring them into close proximity with another for connections to be seen and made. Whilst the sprawling format of mind maps catches the eye, their deep love for connections shouldn’t come as a surprise; mind maps are a product and reflection of the brain (the house of all our interconnected thoughts).

A mind map discussing how they assist how the brain works

However, despite the brain being the most powerful computer on the planet – which even in the first few years of life creates more than 1 million new neural connections every second – it does struggle with placing more than one thing at “front of mind”. Being able to appreciate the endless connections which your brain develops is therefore tricky to recognise. Why our brains love mind maps then, is that they are essentially an opportunity for them to show off all the clever connections they have made!

Along with giving our brains a bit of an ego boost, crafting mind maps also gives them a helping hand with what they can sometimes have problems with – seeing multiple pieces of information at once. Considering how extraordinary the brain is at creating connections without the assistance of mind maps, when it’s presented with a visual encompassment of knowledge to absorb, new connections are discovered in a frenzy. For the brain, mind maps are creativity catnip!

The effect this has on an individual level is brilliant. However, in a modern world of technology where even a meta-verse is in tantalisingly close distance, what’s to stop the content of the minds of others from being shared with one another?

A collection of interconnected brains

To achieve this, like the surface-level notion of mind maps, perhaps people could keep sprawling out, making connections with a random collection of people and picking up sporadic knowledge along the way. Or, in a way which reflects a deeper understanding of mind maps, people with a shared interest in innovation, maximising their brain power, developing their imagination, and honing creative thinking techniques, could be brought closer together to intentionally form more meaningful connections.

Knowing what amazing results can be achieved when resources are brought together, that is precisely why we have pursued the latter option, creating a home for mind mapping at mind-map.com. Here, the core principles of mind mapping will be achieved:

Together they make a formidable combination which can only be improved in one way … community. That means you, everyone who loves to mind map, and us (the mind-map.com team). Spearheaded by Chris Griffiths – the world’s leading expert on mind mapping – we will be sure to keep you inspired with regular articles, templates, news and much more on mind maps and their creative output! But to really get the creative coals crackling on the fire, we’re thrilled to announce that very soon the mind-map.com will be a collaborative space.

A unique opportunity is therefore on the horizon for those who would like to play a leading role in inspiring others to engage in the phenomenal learning/ creativity/ productivity technique which is mind mapping. To become an officially recognised contributor to this global community, please click here to register your interest via email and we will be sure to get in contact with you quickly. Thought-leading articles, inspiring mind map templates, community mind mapping initiatives, plus lots more are all welcome here!

So there you have it, an introductory snapshot into the vision of mind-map.com. Like with any mind map, what it will evolve into, we can’t say for certain, but one thing for sure is that we are very excited to find out and have you here with us as part of the mind mapping community. Please do join us and see mind-map.com as both a blank canvas of opportunity and also one brimming with knowledge waiting to be connected.

For the love of mind mapping,

The mind-map.com team 😀

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